Forbes Recognizes WRP Among Top Firms in the United States

We are proud to be recognized by Forbes as on of the top firms in the United States. This honor serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and innovation. It is a source of great joy for our dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to provide the highest standard of wealth management services to our valued clients. This recognition is not only a validation of our past efforts but also a motivating force that inspires us to continue raising the bar and setting new industry standards.

At WRP, we take pride in our pioneering approach to pre-IPO wealth management. We understand that the world of finance is constantly evolving, and opportunities are ever-changing. That's why we have been at the forefront of pre-IPO wealth management, assisting clients in optimizing their financial positions before they go public. Our expertise in this area allows us to provide comprehensive strategies that cater to the unique needs and challenges that come with pre-IPO investments. We leverage cutting-edge technology, in-depth market analysis, and our extensive network to ensure our clients make well informed decisions, seize opportunities, and achieve financial success during these crucial stages of their financial journey. We are excited to be leading the charge in this dynamic field and look forward to further innovations and successes in the realm of pre-IPO wealth management.


About WRP

With over three decades of experience, WRP Wealth Management has a rich history of providing specialized financial guidance. WRP offers a comprehensive approach to wealth management that includes tax planning, investment management, and financial planning. This evolution showcases the commitment to delivering holistic and research-based financial services to clients.


About Forbes

For more than a century, Forbes has been an iconic symbol of success, entrepreneurship, and the principles of free enterprise. Today, it continues to evolve as a contemporary and inclusive advocate for capitalism, bringing together influential leaders and entrepreneurs who are driving change and making a global impact. Forbes engages over 150 million people worldwide through trusted journalism, signature events, and 44 licensed local editions in 77 countries.


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WRP: Personalized Tax and Pre-IPO Planning

WRP is a team of tax and financial management professionals with expertise in company-issued stock options. We use research-based investment strategies to grow and protect our clients’ investments and a personalized, one-on-one approach to understand each individual’s goals and priorities. A proud Bay Area business, we are dedicated to local philanthropy and contribute time and resources to local charities to support our community’s long-term well-being.