Engineer Safeguards $30 Million Stock Options with WRP's Diversification Strategy, Avoids $21 Million Loss

An engineer facing a high-risk, concentrated stock position sought WRP Wealth Management's expertise to diversify their investments and support personal and charitable goals. By liquidating 80% of their shares before a massive stock value drop, the engineer saved millions, thanks to WRP's tax-efficient strategies and individualized financial planning.

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WRP: Personalized Tax and Pre-IPO Planning

WRP is a team of tax and financial management professionals with expertise in company-issued stock options. We use research-based investment strategies to grow and protect our clients’ investments and a personalized, one-on-one approach to understand each individual’s goals and priorities. A proud Bay Area business, we are dedicated to local philanthropy and contribute time and resources to local charities to support our community’s long-term well-being.